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In a constantly changing world, halfway between essay and initiatory story, embark on an authentic homecoming. Discover the tumultuous and disturbing journey of exile of a young man in search of his identity. At the crossroads of its African and French roots, Repères lifts the veil of a Cameroon imbued with modesty and the unspoken.

From laughter to tears and surprises to disappointments, wisdom and unreason collide in a true ode to resilience. The author, with his incisive and sincere pen, deciphers without language of wood the environment which shaped him. Through her striking trajectory, Astrid-Aimé tries to answer an essential question: how to understand and adapt to a society, when you have no benchmarks?

Landmarks the book 


Through the thoughts of a father and the reflections of a son, the art of storytelling is at the service of reality.

An extraordinary life journey and a message of hope that the author shares through this first liberating work.

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